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Not interested in US history? Consider Britain’s recent tax experience.

I saw an interesting article this morning as I perused my email and drank my morning tea. Given my choice of beverage, it is appropriate that the item that caught my eye was out of the British press, namely from … Continue reading

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Income Tax Initiative 1098 – A pending disaster for Washington State!

I am going to risk offending my readers by dipping a toe into politics one more time. I would not do so if I were not so terribly worried about the issue at hand. I am deeply concerned, not as … Continue reading

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Taxes – Think twice before taxing the rich!

A lot of people lost their jobs when Nordic Tug closed its plant, dedicated and highly skilled workers who took personal pride in creating a quality product. Contemplate that for a while before jumping to the conclusion that taxing the rich is a good idea. Continue reading

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The Word Cop – “Incentivize” my day

Some words make their way into the English language that absolutely should not. One of these is the unfortunate product of a crime, namely verbicide. The perpetrators took the noun “incentive” and twisted it into an awkward verb – “incentivize.” … Continue reading

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Managing people – delivering a difficult message

Management is an under-appreciated skill. Yet nothing will make a workplace more unpleasant, even downright miserable, than poor management. Sadly, it is something I see far too much. Part art as well as science, the ability to work well with … Continue reading

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The Word Cop explains: “Your” versus “You’re”

I just received an email newsletter from a local business (who shall remain nameless, but not blameless) with this statement: “SMILE your on CAMERA!” I groaned and decided it was time for a blog entry. This was one time too … Continue reading

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Non-verbal courtesy – Should Miss Manners make a come-back?

I read a fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal – Why Gen-Y Johnny Can’t Read Nonverbal Cues. The basic premise is that Gen-Y’ers are so caught up in social networking, all of which is written, that they haven’t picked … Continue reading

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