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Customer Service – Yes, we have no bagels

Greetings, Gentle Readers! It’s good to be back, after a bit of a blogging hiatus. I am drawn back today by the subject of customer service. I have a story to share, this one drawn from actual and very recent … Continue reading

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The Word Cop returns – “No problem”

As The Word Cop, I can’t resist commenting on the current vernacular, those expressions that creep into our speech and become established with use. There are many that overstay their welcome, in my humble opinion. Today’s post is a case … Continue reading

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Non-verbal courtesy – Should Miss Manners make a come-back?

I read a fascinating article in the Wall Street Journal – Why Gen-Y Johnny Can’t Read Nonverbal Cues. The basic premise is that Gen-Y’ers are so caught up in social networking, all of which is written, that they haven’t picked … Continue reading

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