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Income Tax Initiative 1098 – A pending disaster for Washington State!

I am going to risk offending my readers by dipping a toe into politics one more time. I would not do so if I were not so terribly worried about the issue at hand. I am deeply concerned, not as … Continue reading

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Taxes – Think twice before taxing the rich!

A lot of people lost their jobs when Nordic Tug closed its plant, dedicated and highly skilled workers who took personal pride in creating a quality product. Contemplate that for a while before jumping to the conclusion that taxing the rich is a good idea. Continue reading

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The Tax Man Cometh – be prepared for 2011

I have no intention of preaching politics here. Truly. I do have very strong political views, so this may be tough. I may not be able to prevent some of them from leaking into my words. Please bear with me! … Continue reading

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Commerce & Patriotism – words of wisdom from George Washington

We have just celebrated a Glorious Fourth, the anniversary of the founding of our country. We celebrated with hot dogs, S’mores, chips, lemonade and beer, maybe even a few veggies to assuage our guilt. We joined friends for games, good … Continue reading

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Ready for some real 70′s nostalgia? Try inflation!

As I have watched the economy tank and our government react and overreact, I keep having flashbacks to the 1970′s. There was a lot more to the 70′s than bell-bottom jeans, leisure suits, sideburns, double-knits and green shag carpet. It … Continue reading

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Bonus Backlash – We’re mad as hell!

It was probably inevitable. The AIG bonuses, followed by Congress’ knee jerk response. The final straw. The tipping point that would convert economically frightened and somewhat paralyzed Americans into a raging group of Howard Beales. Remember him?

Howard Beale was the character in the 1976 movie “Networkâ€?? who encouraged people to “get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell – ‘I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!’ Continue reading

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