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Leadership & Planning – mitigating the potential disaster of Gustav

Hurricane Gustav has moved on, losing its category 3 punch along the way.  It was still a very bad storm.  And it is worth remembering that Katrina was a cat 3 when it hit New Orleans.  But this time it was … Continue reading

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Disaster Recovery – Reflections on the floods of December 2007

Like most Washingtonians, we listened to the torrential rain hitting our roof hour after hour, periodically checking vulnerable areas of our property for rising waters.  For the second time in our memory, the intrepid Dennis dug trenches in the pouring … Continue reading

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Planning: Are you ready for the unexpected?

Have you checked your fire extinguishers lately?  Are they damaged, fully charged (check those gauges!), etc.?  Most of us pay attention to things like this, particularly those of us who lean toward the anal retentive when it comes to preparedness. … Continue reading

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