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Closing the store, but not the business

Read a great article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, in their “small business” section. It is entitled “Entrepreneurs Pack Up and Go Home”. It describes the recent trend of small businesses abandoning their “brick and mortar” locations and moving … Continue reading

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Voicemail with Verve: Think before you speak for professional results

Sometimes I think we speak more to voicemail systems than people.  In fact, I have been stunned to silence when the person I am calling actually picks up the phone!  I usually cover my confusion with humor, my normal coping … Continue reading

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Position Matters – leading effective meetings

Have you ever been stuck in one of those interminable meetings that go nowhere?  Ever had one of your own meetings get bogged down and sidetracked?  Many years ago (I won’t say how many), very early in my IBM career, … Continue reading

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What color is the hat? How to tell the good guys from the bad

In the old time western movies, Hollywood was pretty obvious in presenting good versus bad guys, heroes versus crooks.  Subtlety was never their strong suit.  The good guys almost always wore white hats, nice clean white hats to boot.  The … Continue reading

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