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Taxing the Rich – it has an unanticipated cost

I have written on the subject of taxing the rich before. Basically, I think it’s a bad idea, for lots of excellent, well-documented reasons most politicians and voters choose to ignore. This morning, over breakfast, my husband brought a recent … Continue reading

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Closing the store, but not the business

Read a great article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, in their “small business” section. It is entitled “Entrepreneurs Pack Up and Go Home”. It describes the recent trend of small businesses abandoning their “brick and mortar” locations and moving … Continue reading

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Stumbling economy? Keep it in perspective!

According to an item in today’s online Puget Sound Business Journal, Washington’s unemployment “jumped” from 4.5% to 4.9%.  Granted, any time a job is lost, it hurts.  Particularly if it’s your job!  I’ve been there and truly empathize. However, we … Continue reading

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Bailouts – good or bad for the economy?

Everyone seems to be in an uproar over the economy.  It has reached the point where some concern is certainly warranted.  The pressure is on our government to take immediate steps.  But is this the right approach?  Should our government … Continue reading

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Disaster Recovery – Reflections on the floods of December 2007

Like most Washingtonians, we listened to the torrential rain hitting our roof hour after hour, periodically checking vulnerable areas of our property for rising waters.  For the second time in our memory, the intrepid Dennis dug trenches in the pouring … Continue reading

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Should we be panicked over the economy?

I had a manager once who always said, “Perception is reality.â€??  My experience tells me this is generally true.  But is it always? Our economy is all about money and when people consider money, some switch in the brain goes … Continue reading

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The US Economy on Halloween – not as scary as you think

It’s that most scary of days and nights in our annual calendar, Halloween.  There are lots of households in my neighborhood who get into this in a big way.  I have seen lots of orange lights, fake spider webs, and … Continue reading

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Customer Service: The Customer Is Always…Wrong?

Yesterday, an item appeared on CNET’s “Craveâ€?? site about Sprint breaking up with customers.  I was totally struck by the article when I saw it and spent some time digging into it. It seems Sprint decided to shed customers who … Continue reading

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