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Hello!  My name is Margaret Purvine and I am a management consultant.  I am also Principal and Owner of Next Step Solutions, Inc.  In that role, I not only have the pleasure of working with a wide variety of business owner clients, I also get to offer my ideas, experience and even some of my rants and raves to my blog readers.

Writing is a passion and, in addition to blogging, I also write a business column for the Puget Sound Business Journal.  Surf over to the PSBJ and search on “purvine” to find my articles.  Writing for the PSBJ is a privelege as well as an opportunity.

My primary consulting skill is in the area of management – managing people, tasks and projects.  Defining specific skills needed to do something or to accomplish a goal is usually fairly simple for most of us.  But few major goals, especially business goals, require only a few skills.  They require a wide variety of people and talents.  But how do you pull everything and everyone together to reach a goal?  You need organization, coordination of resources, and management.  These are not always as easy to define, so they may get left out of the picture altogether.  This can be a recipe for disaster!

I think of the various skills, resources, and people that make up a work group, project team or even an entire organization as bricks.  To hold them all together and build a wall or an entire building you’ve got to have mortar.  That is management.  And that’s what I love and do best.

You can learn more about me by surfing to one of these sites:

Thanks for your interest in my blog!  I look forward to your comments.

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