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“Business In Washington” is the blog for Next Step Solutions, Inc.  At Next Step, we are management and business operations consultants focused on small- to medium-sized companies.  We are passionate about business and strive to help businesses grow, thrive, and make more money.  Our clients are entrepreneurs who have built businesses with their hard work and passion, but who have been unable to realize their full growth potential.  We help them overcome the internal obstacles holding them back and make the transition from an informal operation with the founder involved in everything to an organization with formal structures, professional management and a CEO leader who is free to focus on a vision for future growth.

Specifically, we work with our clients in the following areas:

  • Management Consulting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Project Management
  • Business Process

Our principals have extensive cross-industry business experience, spanning 2-3 decades in time and all types and sizes of companies.  We offer our expertise to our clients in a number of ways, packaged to maximize value to our clients.  Several consulting programs are available for a monthly fee, each including a specific set of services.  Additional services are available as needed on an hourly basis.  We also offer a variety of seminars, teleseminars, and a unique tele-forum which combines training and consulting and is conducted via telephone to make the most efficient use of our busy clients’ time and dollars.

Our purpose in blogging is to share some of our knowledge and experience with business readers in the blogosphere.  By doing so, you may gain some useful information.  At the same time, you may learn a little about us and what we can offer to clients. 

To learn more about Next Step, we invite you to surf over to our company web site.

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