The Word Cop returns – “No problem”

As The Word Cop, I can’t resist commenting on the current vernacular, those expressions that creep into our speech and become established with use. There are many that overstay their welcome, in my humble opinion. Today’s post is a case in point.

I had the pleasure of hearing an excellent speech the other day. I was attending a luncheon given by Seattle’s Women Business Owners. (Full disclosure – I am a long term member and just finished a three year stint on the board. It’s a great organization, worth checking out. End of shameless plug.) The speaker of the day was Brad Worthley. His topic and his expertise – customer service. Toward the end of his comments, he hit one of my current speech bugaboos. That is responding to “thanks” with “no problem”.

No problem? How did problems get into this? Whatever happened to that old standby? Remember? “You are welcome.” What’s wrong with that?

Brad suggested expunging the expression “no problem” from your own speech as well as the speech of all employees in your organization. Why? To improve customer service. I loved Brad’s suggested reply to receiving an expression of thanks. Not “no problem”. Not even “you’re welcome”.

When someone thanks you for your service, try saying, “It was my pleasure.”

Now, how would your customers react to that? I, for one, would react very well. I look forward to your comments.

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