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Taxes – Think twice before taxing the rich!

A lot of people lost their jobs when Nordic Tug closed its plant, dedicated and highly skilled workers who took personal pride in creating a quality product. Contemplate that for a while before jumping to the conclusion that taxing the rich is a good idea. Continue reading

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The Word Cop – “Incentivize” my day

Some words make their way into the English language that absolutely should not. One of these is the unfortunate product of a crime, namely verbicide. The perpetrators took the noun “incentive” and twisted it into an awkward verb – “incentivize.” … Continue reading

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Managing people – delivering a difficult message

Management is an under-appreciated skill. Yet nothing will make a workplace more unpleasant, even downright miserable, than poor management. Sadly, it is something I see far too much. Part art as well as science, the ability to work well with … Continue reading

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George Shangrow – rest in peace

I usually keep my entries in this blog focused on business, but for once I must break my own rule. Today I learned of the untimely passing of George Shangrow, gifted Seattle musician and conductor. He was killed yesterday in … Continue reading

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